About Us

Our Story

It is actually strange anybody would want to know about us or who we are, but since you are here, we will give it a go!

We are a VERY passionate business who feels strongly it is great to express yourselves and have a laugh along the way. We love to joke and make light of a situation, but are very serious about candle making and the craft of finding the perfect scent to fill a room. Most of our candles are inspired while laying in bed…dreaming. Some of the best insights come when you are most relaxed and that is how our story began.

Every Single Candle is Painstakingly hand poured and formulated. We take pride in what we do and it shows.
Above all else, quality of materials was essential in picking out the formulation for our candles. The BEST is What we do!
Every step of the way we take precautions needed to maintain quality and back that up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee
We feel we have the best variety of scents on the market and our continually adding to our product library.

Our Mission

We strive every day to be as subtle but long lasting as possible in EVERY customer’s home or bedroom. We want our smells to last!

Even though we are a small operation, we are very capable to fulfill your orders but also LOVE to hear your feedback, please share, respond, shoutout, send love, or even feel free to contact us with Ideas you may have for more candle scents and designs. WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS! You make us keep doing what we love!